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Gaye Martin

Gaye is from Summerfield, Florida and is married to Phil Martin, they have 5 children and 12 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

She is a management and training consultant and owns her own firm, Resources Unlimited. Some of her clients include NASCAR, Lockheed Martin, Smithsonian, and Rosalynn Carter Institute.

 She has taught for Central Florida Community College and served on its Women’s Advisory Board.

She is a private pilot and her hobby is oil painting.

Humor is critical to her presentation of the gospel. She has led spiritual growth retreats for 45 years and her heart is in seeing Gods people rise up in a bold statement of all He has done in their lives. She is careful to guard the joy in her life and the lives of others, since the “joy of the Lord is our strength” and when our joy is gone our strength is gone.

She has been featured several times on Focus on the Family and has authored a book on her flying experiences; “I Read You Loud and Clear, Say Again.” 

Women's Seminar

My Life Journey

Did you ever try to make an impression on someone and blew it? I have, in fact my early years were spent in the pursuit of making impressions and trying to fill the hole in my life. It was a bowl of Jello Jesus used to fill that hole and make His impression on me.


Learning to Hear the Controllers Voice

It is not cool if the controller clears a 747 for take off and you go scooter pootin out onto the runway. It is imperative to know how to hear His voice above the surrounding static and to know when He is talking to YOU. My piloting days taught me His frequency and how to hear His voice.

The Power of a Godly Woman in Church Ministry
Some people have the magic and some dont. Do you know a person that can brighten a room when they walk in?  Do you know someone that achieves the same result  when they walk out? Who is coming and going in your life?

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